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FAQ about electric bicycle conversion kit

1.Q: Can you briefly introduce the development of San Eagle in recent years?

Answer: San Eagle transformed to e-bicycle market long time ago. In 2003, San Eagle started to produce e-bicycle and the import and export was mainly from and to European. Over the decade, San Eagle is an authority brand in term of production manufacture and export business.

2. Q: Will San Eagle make breakthrough and highlight of products in 2018?

Answer: In recent years, San Eagle is always devoted to developing some middle and high-end products and many users are in European market. This time, products we presented in Canton Fair mainly aim at some purchasers from Southeast Asia. There are many Southeast Asian customers in this time, and many customers are from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand and Indonesia.

3. Q: What products will be launched by San Eagle in 2018?

Answer: In this year, we will launch portable balance bicycle, which is light, can be folded and integrates entertainment and riding instead of walk. The battery can support 30-40km and it's completely used instead of walking. Meanwhile, it can complete many actions and has entertainment property. Meanwhile, the bicycle is provided with a camera to record scene in riding and send it to mobile phone, which is very convenient. With high stability, it's suitable for the aged and children. So far, the bicycle is our recommended product and we take the bicycle to various exhibitions.

4. Q: What's the development plan of San Eagle in domestic market?

Answer: In this year, San Eagle indeed plans to focus on domestic market development. San Eagle mainly produces electric booster bicycle in domestic market. There is no license issue. It's light and a good solution for boosting. We believe that electric booster bicycle has great development space in domestic market and there is great progress space in production, design and sale.

5. Q: Can you briefly talk about your opinion on anti-dumping in Europe? Whatare countermeasures of San Eagle?

Answer: The anti-dumping issue appeared in last year. We also have some countermeasures. For example, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products organized some enterprises, including San Eagle, to make discussion and investigation. We don't know the final results. In general, anti-dumping is a serious issue for Chinese e-bicycle industry. European market is an important export market of San Eagle. Anti-dumping will bring some serious subsequent issues to us. The most important point is that San Eagle products have no anti-dumping problem in Europe as the price of San Eagle products in Europe and Southeast Asia is the same and the price is fair, therefore we are collecting data at present. The result of anti-dumping may be unveiled at around July 2018. We will actively communicate with the Ministry of Commerce and feed back data collected to European Commission by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products and the Ministry of Commerce. Meanwhile, we are seeking more cooperation modes, such as cooperation with Taiwan enterprises, Middle East enterprises and cooperation in export.

6. Q: Can we understand that anti-dumping has great influence on e-bicycle industry market?

Answer: sure. San Eagle will take many countermeasures but other enterprises may not have a comprehensive plan. Once the result of anti-dumping is published, many enterprises will focus on market development. For example, Southeast Asian market with large population and low cost is very good for the development of e-bicycle. Middle East market is slowly developing as it's not so fast as Southeast Asian market. North African market is a prospecting market to be developed. As for Australian market, we received many Australian purchasers on the Canton Fair.

7. Q: In fact, in addition to anti-dumping recently, there are trade price and some foreign issues, will be e-bicycle industry be influenced?

Answer: The raw material price must be influenced but it's mainly battery and motor, however, the overall influence is not big. In fact, domestic battery develops properly in recent years and battery produced by domestic enterprises has similar quality with that of foreign products. 

8. Q: Can you predict the development of e-bicycle import and export in this year?

A: Firstly considering anti-dumping, the development of European market in this year will be slowed down com pared with last year and many European purchasers will concern about anti-dumping. In this way, many enterprises will seek cooperation for exporting, and transform to produce other products.

9. Q: As for sharing bicycle, in fact, San Eagle also participated in the bicycle sharing industry. How do you think of the development status of bicycle sharing at present?

A: We spent much time in manufacturing sharing bicycle last year but we are not involved in it so far. Bicycle sharing is just starting and there is vast development space. In fact, San Eagle focuses on the development of the part and is always seeking the opportunity of cooperating with big brands.

10. Question: Are your company a manufacturer or a trading company?

Answer: We are a trading company, and also have us manufacturer. We are in the research, development, production, sales and service of bicycles, electric bikes, aluminum frame, carbon fiber frame & fork.Our products are exported to Europe, North and South America, the Mid-East, Oceania, and Asia.

11. Question: What payment term do you accept?

Answer: T/T, FOB, 100%L/C.

12. Question: How long is the delivery time?

Answer: For normal orders, we can send within 30 days after we get the deposit. If it is a very large order, the delivery day may be a little longer.

13. Question: Does your company accept customization?

Answer: As a professional manufacturer, we can do what you want about the electric bike.

14. Question: Do you have any kinds of certificates?

Answer: EN15194:2009+A1 certificates, CE andEN15194:2009 certificates, EN14764:2005 certificates and so on.

IF you want to know more, please kindly contact us, thank you!

15. Question: Does your company accept sample orders?

Answer: Yes, we do.

16. Question: Can I visit your factory?

Answer: Warm welcome to vist our factory. We are ready to show you around our professional workshop.

17. Question: Is your company ready to sign a distributor with me for my country?

Answer: Yes, we would think about it if you are good enough.

For any questions beyond this about electric bicycle conversion kit, please feel free to contact me for further information!