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MTB is a fitness sport
Dec 27, 2018

The most advanced mountain bikes are made of carbon fiber or titanium, which are materials for making jet fighters. In the past, bulky mountaineering bikes crawled the steep slopes of the tower Mapes, and the noise was constant. High technology has turned it into a beautiful, high-speed bike with a weight of just 10 kilos. The cycle of cycling has led people to throw away old bikes that are only used for walking, and to join the ranks of cycling climbs and outdoor tours of bicycles. One data shows that half of the bicycles sold by adults in the United States in 1999 were even more than mountain bikes used for outdoor sports. In recent years, mountain bike outdoor sports have attracted people of all ages. From 8-year-old children to 80-year-olds are keen on this way of outdoor fitness, as more and more people find that mountain biking outdoors can be both fitness and fun, and mountain bike racing cars are easier to master and more comfortable to ride.

Experts believe that outdoor cycling fitness or tourism has become a modern way of life.