500W Electric Beach Bike Walmart supplier - E1813B

Product introduction of  500W electric beach bike

The kickstand is mounted far back and out of the way, this makes it easier to work on the cranks, bottom bracket and chain or back the bike up without colliding and bending the stand, I also felt that the stand worked pretty well on the soft sandy beach

The bike is a bit rear heavy but I love that the battery is not mounted on the rack, instead it is kept low and more central just behind the seat tube so you have more space to haul cargo and get better balance when riding

Name brand Kenda tires with improved grip and durability, upgraded mechanical disc brakes with a larger 180 mm rotor up front to improve stopping power.


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500W electric beach bike

Product parameters




Brakes F/R


Front fork


Max speed


Aluminum alloy


Mechanical Disc Brake

Shimano 7 Speeds

No Suspension






Mechanical Disc Brake







Motor rated power

Motor rated voltage





48V; 13 Ah

Rear Drive







Application of  500W electric beach bike

overall it’s a fun capable bike and the motor is powerful enough to ride in soft sand

Low standover height makes this a great option for kids, petite riders and some other ladies or people with sensitive knees or back that can’t swing their legs up high

Longer telescoping adjustable-length stem allows you to dial in fit, this is great if you’re a taller rider and in my experience the stem didn’t feel loose or wobbly as some designs do

The top tube is fairly narrow and the joint where it folds doesn’t stick out as much as some competing bikes meaning you shouldn’t hit your knee as easily when getting on or off (still good to be careful)

A 12 magnet cadence sensor provides very quick on/off motor performance, it felt responsive and controlled to me which is great for riding off road… some other ebikes only use a six magnet sensor which usually requires more time, this e-bike also has brake levers with motor inhibitors so the motor stops instantly whenever you brake

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