Electric Beach Bicycle Rear Drive - E1814

Product introduction of electric beach bicycle

The battery and motor are well with spread weight across the frame vs. keeping it high up in the rear

Large 4wide tires provide excellent traction, a bit of comfort, and can be deflated slightly (5 to 8 PSI) to work on sand or snow

Threaded electrical connectors keep water from getting into the sensitive bits but make maintenance and damage replacement easier

mechanical disc brakes offer good stopping power for this ebike, they stay clear of water and mud much better than rim brakes

Angled top tube and smaller 26diameter wheels lower the standover height of this bike, making it easier to mount and handle for people with short inseams

Nice solid pedals with great traction, a neoprene slap guard to protect the chainstay, alloy bash guard to clear pants, and locking grips for a solid hold

The removable battery pack can be charged on or off the frame for convenience, if you wanted to commute with the bike or maybe park the frame in the garage but protect the battery inside


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Electric beach bicycle

Product parameters 




Brakes F/R


Front fork


Max speed


Aluminum alloy


Mechanical Disc Brake

Shimano 7 Speeds







Mechanical Disc Brake







Motor rated power

Motor rated voltage





48V; 13 Ah

Rear Drive







Application of  electric beach bicycle

The brakes have motor inhibitors built in so that anytime you pull, the motor immediately cuts out for safety

You get throttle on demand performance which is great for starting or powering up a hill without having to adjust assist level (which can be distracting), the twist throttle is easy to use and overrides assist

The power cable that runs to the motor is mounted to the left chainstay vs. the right which keeps the drivetrain less crowded, it is also tucked in near the frame better than the older cheaper motor cables that could get snagged or bent if the bike tipped

The Shimano Acera drivetrain is two steps up from the base level component group and has a large thumb-shifter that is easy to use if you’re wearing gloves

The battery seats into the frame really well, it clicks so you know it’s connected, and you don’t have to leave the key in while riding like you did on the older models.


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