20 inch V-Brake Folding Bike Front Drive Ebike - E1612

Product introduction

 - There’s only one frame size here but the seat post and stem can be adjusted up and down to fit different riders.
 - Excellent tires! They are one of the major highlights on this electric bike for you because they are balloon style (wider, higher air volume) which improves comfort and stability. 
 - The reflective strips of electric bikes are puncture resistant to keep you visible at night.
 - Lots of comfort upgrades here, the gel saddle works well with the basic suspension seat post and ergonomic grips, the suspension fork smooths out big bumps pretty well even though it’s not adjustable.
 - Here includes alloy fenders with rubberized mud flaps, a rear cargo rack with bungee attachments at the base, bottom bracket support arm to protect the chainring when folding and unfolding.
 - The deep frame is very approachable compared to some other folding models, it’s easier to step over and stabilize but still felt sturdy because of a reinforcement plate near the head tube and an extra bar near the seat tube,  the battery is positioned near the center of the bike.
 - The battery pack can be charged on or off the frame and is very easy to remove, notice the big plastic handle that flips up and the swiveling seat mount so you don’t have to remove the seat each time you want the battery off.

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20 inch V-Brake folding bike 250W

Product parameters




Brakes F/R


Front fork


Max speed


Aluminum alloy



Shimano Inter-3 Speeds

HI-TEN Steel, No Suspension






Coaster Brake







Motor rated power

Motor rated voltage





36V; 8.8 Ah

Front Drive







Application of  Electric Folding bicycle

 - Bafun motors are known for being zippy and this one gets a big mechanical advantage because it's s spoked into a smaller 20″ wheel.
 - The grip shifter vs. triggers because it keeps the cockpit clean and is less likely to be bumped when transporting.
 - Responsive and well-sealed 12-magnet cadence sensor provides faster starts and stops but can be overridden by the brake levers which both have motor inhibitors built-in, it’s a good design and also nice to have a trigger throttle for easier starts and extra power when needed.
 - The folding joint is positioned low and out of the way, some competing designs have larger joints that are positioned higher which can bump your knees while pedaling.
 - It’s great to have front and rear lights, but they both run on independent disposable AAA cells, you have to remember to turn them on and off.


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