20 inch 250W Folding Electric Bicycle - E1505

Product introduction of 20 inch one wheel folding bike 250W

Throttle is live from 25 km/h, making it easy to override the delay from the cadence sensor when trying to quickly cross a crosswalk, starting at the bottom of a hill in a high gear or assisting the bike up stairs

Telescoping stem can extend an additional 185 mm, increasing minimum height from 260 mm height to a maximum 445 mm height, this also increase the reach from 23.5 inches to 25.5 inches, allowing a wider range of riders to comfortably ride this frame, stem can also fold down with a quick release lever to make the bike even more compact when folded

Brake levers have rubberized edge make them easy to get a firm grip on, they also activate the motor inhibitors, ensuring the shortest possible stopping distance and allowing the rider to manually override the motor when navigating technical terrain at slow speeds

Wire management is on point with just the right amount of zip-ties, which are cut cleanly and shortly, and some nylon mesh around the bulkiest part of the wires

Front basket and fenders attach securely to the frame of the bike and feels like they aren’t going anywhere, basket it sized nicely with enough room to fit a grocery bag but not so big that it will overburden the steering, steel fenders are more rigid than plastic and rattle less


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20 inch one wheel folding bike 250W

Product parameters




Brakes F/R


Front fork


Max speed


Aluminum alloy


Drum Brake

Single Speeds

HI-TEN Steel






Drum Brake







Motor rated power

Motor rated voltage





36V; 8.8 Ah

Rear Drive







Application of  Electric Folding bicycle

Frame feels pretty sturdy for a folding electric bike, with a handful of gussets for added structural integrity and a handlebar built into the top of the frame for easy carrying as well, locking mechanisms are also quite secure and leave little chance for the frame to collapse except for in the most extreme riding conditions

Folding pedals shave off another few inches from the width of the bike when it’s folded, making it easier to store in those extra tight spaces

Double-sided chainring guard helps keep the chain locked in place, reducing the chance of it popping off towards the inside or outside

Steel cage at the bottom of the frame serves as a stand for when the bike is folded so it can balance upright without assistance

Seat post drops pretty much all the way to the clamp making for a relatively short minimum saddle height, this is especially important for riders with shorter inseams, quick release seat post clamp means saddle height can be adjusted on the fly without tools, saddle has a grooved section underneath that serves as a good place to grab hold of when moving the bike

Key hole and charging port are located at the top of the battery, keeping the power cord and keys clear of the cranks when charging, this reduces the chance of getting the cord snagged in the cranks and potentially damaging the cord and battery

Cranks are full sized at 170mm in length even though it’s a folding bike, so the stroke doesn’t feel cramped, this should help maximize pedal efficiency

Aluminum rear rack attaches to four separate points on the frame and feels sturdy, rack has a few cutouts for bungies to help secure cargo as well

Adjustable length kickstand is placed at the rear of the bike and stays clear of the cranks, so there’s no pedal lock which is especially important for a bike like this that might need to be pulled backwards from a tight storage space

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