28 inch electric mountain bike - E1843

Product introduction

28 inch electric mountain bike  

Accessorized for comfort with a gel saddle, gently swept-back handlebars, name-brand ergonomic grips, and a suspension fork, it doesn’t have an adjustable stem or wide tires like the 20 mph lower-speed

You can aim for stiffness with the high-step or approachability with the mid-step and wave models, the wave will experience the most frame flex however, which can be unsettling as you reach higher speeds

Beautifully integrated motor and battery system, you can hardly tell it’s an electric bike at all given how compact and seamless the systems are, the motor is also extremely quiet

The 8-speed Shimano ALTUS drivetrain is responsive and lightweight, the parts are mid-level and should handle the added torque of the mid-motor well, it even has a Shadow Plus clutch to tighten the chain if you notice that it’s bouncing a lot, but it’s still best to ease off pedaling a bit when shifting to reduce mashing


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Product parameters of  28 inch electric mountain bike




Brakes F/R


Front fork


Max speed


Aluminum alloy


Mechanical Disc Brake

Shimano Altus 8 Speeds







Mechanical Disc Brake







Motor rated power

Motor rated voltage





36V; 11.6 Ah

Rear Drive








Application of  Electric Mountain bicycle

The frame is purpose-built for off-road use, offering tons of rigidity and the weight of the motor and battery are positioned low and center to improve handling 

With a max speed of 25km/h, this thing is much same than most electric bikes, but the top speed can also be toned down through the options in the control center

Bafang’s Max Drive motor is incredibly quiet and smooth but still very responsive, the motor controller relies on a multi-sensor to gauge rear wheel speed, pedal cadence, and pedal torque 

Locking integrated battery pack fits snugly into the frame and doesn’t bulge out past the sides

mechanical disc brakes offer ample stopping power, which is especially important for an electric bike that can reach these kinds of speeds, the brake levers have motor inhibitors which make the bike safer to stop

Aluminum bash guard on the chainring should help protect the sprocket ring teeth from damage during log and rock strikes if you take the ebike into the woods

The chain ring has a narrow-wide tooth pattern to help keep the chain securely locked on, this is really nice for riding at high speed on bumpy terrain, especially since there isn’t a chain guide



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