Full Suspension Mountain eBike 27.5 inch 500w - E1832

Product introduction 

27.5 inch 500W full suspension mountain bike  

  hydraulic disc brakes with quad-piston calipers offer efficient cooling and more powerful, controlled, stops. You can adjust the reach on each two-finger brake lever and even use them with one finger if that’s your preferred hand position

The motor provides high levels of power and support almost instantly, so you can start a climb in higher gears or just get the support needed to balance right off the bat, the controller is measuring wheel speed, pedal cadence, and pedal torque rapidly

Extra sturdy Shimano shifter levers allow for two-way action on the high gear trigger and multi-shift on the low gear lever, it’s exactly the kind of setup you’d expect from a nicer mountain bike

The motor kept supporting me, even when I was spinning (pedaling) very quickly at or even above 120 RPM, this was a big limitation with some of the older mid-drive systems and the takeaway is that you can simply pedal faster vs. having to shift gears to hit higher speeds in a pinch, as someone with a sensitive knee, it’s great to be able to spin faster vs. pushing harder and pedaling slower


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Product parameters of  27.5 inch 500W full suspension mountain bike




Brakes F/R


Front fork


Max speed


Aluminum alloy


Hydraulic Disc Brake

Shimano 24 Speeds







Hydraulic Disc Brake







Motor rated power

Motor rated voltage





48V; 11.6 Ah

Rear Drive







 Application of  Electric Mountain bicycle

You should get excellent range on this bike, because the motor allows you to leverage 11 gears to climb easily and the battery capacity is way above average with 48 volts 11.6 amp hours

This e-bike looks amazing because the motor on  the rear, the battery actually seats up and into the downtube, and the frame color is dark grey and black – which blends everything together (including wires, which are internally routed across most of the frame)

Relatively lightweight for an all mountain electric bike with longer travel 150 mm ~6suspension, thicker stanchions, sturdier joints, and a high capacity battery pack,

Boost hub spacing widens the spoke position and improves the bracing angle to support larger plus sized tires, both the front and rear axles are thru-axles for increased stiffness and strength on rough terrain and the front offers quick release for easier trail maintenance and transport


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