What Are The Advantages Of Electric Bikes?

What are electric bicycles?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a bicycle is probably an ordinary bicycle. But with the development of technology and the growing needs of people's lives came the advent of electric bicycles, and electric fat-tire bicycles are becoming more and more popular.



When you hear electric bicycle, what comes to your mind may be a scooter or an electric motorbike, but in reality, they are not the same.

An electric bike can be understood as a normal bicycle with a few electronic components (such as a motor, battery, and controller) added to it. These are integrated into the fat tire bike design and these items form the basis of most electric bikes on the market.

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Compared with Ordinary Bicycles

The electric motor bicycle is a fat-tire bicycle with two wheels that can be used as an auxiliary energy source to achieve human-powered, electric, or electrically assisted functions.

It has the external characteristics of a normal bicycle,  but, most importantly, it is a mechatronic personal transport vehicle based on a normal bicycle, fitted with manipulation components such as motors, controllers, batteries, turnbuckle gates, and display instrumentation systems.

The motor electric bicycle is electrically powered, whereas a normal bicycle is pedal-powered (also known as human-powered). Compared to a normal bicycle, an e-bike does not require constant pedaling, which helps you to ride with less effort (but make sure the e-bike is not in a dead state.)


Are electric bikes becoming more and more popular?

electric bikes

Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike - E1911


The emergence of the electric bike

The electric bicycle was developed in China in the 1980s and has been continuously improved.

Its speed, environmental friendliness, convenience, and cost-effectiveness have fuelled the demand for electric bicycles. In response to this growing demand, a number of new companies began to join the industry and their investment in e-bikes increased, resulting in a rapid expansion of production capacity.


Growth of the industry

The fierce competition between industries has greatly stimulated technological advances and the proliferation of new technologies, resulting in a significant increase in the technical level of the e-bike industry, with improvements in battery life and capacity, hill-climbing ability, and load-carrying capacity.


The emergence of lithium batteries

The lead-acid battery for electric vehicles has had a technological breakthrough. The battery has developed from a single lead-acid battery to a multi-type high-performance battery. The emergence of lithium batteries, for example, has driven the development of electric bicycles, even more, especially the simple models.


Improvements in motor technology

The invention of the permanent magnet brushless motor has significantly accelerated the pace of development in the electric city bike industry. The key to motor performance is the performance of strongly magnetic materials. The electric bicycle industry has therefore gained a unique resource advantage due to the good performance, low price, and strong manufacturing capability of rare earth strong magnetic materials.

V-Brake Folding Bike Front Drive Ebike

20 inch V-Brake Folding Bike Front Drive Ebike - E1612

As the performance of electric city bicycles improves and breakthroughs in key technologies continue, e-bikes are slowly becoming an alternative to motorbikes and bicycles.

Electric aluminum bikes have become an energy-saving and environmentally friendly means of transportation, which has led to the electric bicycle starting to enter the consumer's field of vision and being gradually moved from recognition to acceptance by them to its current popularity.


Advantages of electric bikes

There are many benefits to cycling. Both regular bicycles and e-bikes are very practical products for sports, fitness, leisure, and recreation.

city commuter ebike

28 inch 250W Electric Women Bike - E1504


Here are some of the advantages of e-bicycles:


Environmental friendly

With the strengthening of social awareness of environmental protection. The popularity and development of the aluminum e-bike have undoubtedly provided people with a safe and comfortable, noiseless and pollution-free, light and fast means of transport.


Easier to ride

It has more power than a normal bike, which helps with slopes and rough terrain and makes for a smoother ride. You can carry out longer rides than on a bike without getting very tired.


Faster and safer

E-bikes allow you to get to your destination faster.

In addition, the speed can be regulated within a reasonable range and the brakes and other indicators have been greatly improved to meet the safety needs of everyday people.


Free movement

Electric folding bikes can be easily walked along the streets. At the same time, it can be easily placed in the basement of the floor without occupying parking spaces and excessive public space. Like a bicycle, it is free to come and go, flexible and convenient.


Convenient charging

Easy to charge is one of its many advantages, which solves the needs of urban bicyclists. In the unlikely event that the electric car runs out of power, it can also rely on manpower to ride back. This is much more convenient than a car without gas.


Making you healthier

People are more likely to choose an e-bike than a bicycle that needs to be ridden all the time because it is easier. Not only is cycling one of the most economical exercises for weight loss, but it is also good for your cardio health.

In addition, the scenery and fresh air you experience on a ride can help improve your mood and reduce stress.

Electric Beach Bicycle Rear Drive - E1814

Electric Beach Bicycle Rear Drive - E1814


The electric bicycle is a promising green transport option. Its popularisation and application are a major step towards solving difficulties in traveling and alleviating urban air pollution.

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