What Types of Bikes Do You Know?


Bikes in our daily life

I believe you are no stranger to bikes. It is undeniable that no matter what kind of bike is, it is indispensable in our daily life.


The development and trend of bikes

The bike industry is a traditional industry with a history of more than 100 years. Bikes are common sports, leisure, and entertainment product.

In recent years, due to concerns about the environment and transportation, bikes have once again become a popular transportation and fitness method for residents all over the world, especially residents in developed countries.

Nowadays, the continuous increase in the number of cars, the continuous improvement of public alternate networks, and the improvement of people's living standards have given everyone more comfortable and convenient travel options. Nowadays, traffic congestion and automobile exhaust in big cities pollute the environment. Bikes are noticed by people again.

In addition, the focus of the bike industry is shifting from traditional mobile travel to sports, mountains, and leisure.



Is a bike important in life?

Maybe not everyone owns a bike, but its role should not be underestimated.

A bike is a good means of transportation, and the price is much cheaper than a car, and everyone can afford it. The traffic is particularly busy during school and work hours. If more people choose to ride bicycles, there will be fewer cars on the streets and less crowded.

In addition, there are many benefits of cycling. The most direct is that cycling is beneficial to our health and protects the environment.


Common kinds of bikes

The function and design of bikes keep pace with the times, and their appearance and varieties have begun to change, becoming one of the best choices for racing, sports, and leisure travel.

Since their inception, bicycles have played an important role as a means of transportation for people to travel, and various types of bikes such as mountain bikes, e-bikes, sharing bikes, and folding bikes have appeared.


Regular bikes


● Road bikes

As the name suggests, road bikes are riding on flat roads. It has a fine shape, is lightweight, and has a sense of speed. It is the first choice for competitive sports enthusiasts.


● Mountain bikes

The tires of the fat tire mountain bikes are more stable and are designed for rugged off-road terrain, making it easier to climb steep slopes.


● Hybrid bike

Hybrid bikes are similar to fat mountain bikes, with a lighter frame paired with fast-rolling fat wheels. Its combination of stability and smoothness may be attractive to casual cyclists.


● Long-touring bike

The sturdy and durable design of touring bikes is ideal for carrying loads. The longer heavy-duty wheelbase makes you more comfortable during long-distance riding. If you like to travel by bike, touring bikes are your ideal choice.


● Sharing bikes

24 inch Aluminum Drum Brake Sharing Bike

24 inch Aluminum Drum Brake Sharing Bike - M1704

Shared bikes provide services in campuses, subway stations, and other public service areas to drive residents' enthusiasm for using other public transportation.

Bike-sharing is not just a trend but offers exactly the advantages that are so important in our modern society.



Electric bikes

With the development of science and technology and the continuous growth of people's life needs, electric bicycles with many advantages have appeared, and at the same time, they have become more and more popular.


● Mountain ebikes

Mountain eBike 27.5 inch

Full Suspension Mountain eBike 27.5 inch 500w - E1832

Electric mountain bikes make you go faster and farther, allowing you to ride on more roads and trails. These types of mountain bikes battery are located in the center of the frame and are located low, which provides a good balance for the bicycle. It is easy to disassemble, so you can store it away from the bicycle or charge it.


● City ebikes

26 inch Electric Bikes

26 inch Electric V-Brake Bikes - E1706

City commuter ebike is made for the urban environment and is very suitable for commuting. You can act as a substitute for transportation when you go to school or work. City ebikes are as comfortable and efficient as hybrid road bikes.


● Fat tire cruiser ebikes

Electric Beach Bicycle Rear Drive

Electric Beach Bicycle Rear Drive - E1814

If you travel by sea, a fat tire ebike beach cruiser may bring you a different experience. Beach cruiser ebikes have to ride on soft sand, and the wheel widths are very large, which causes the distance between the front fork and the rear triangle of the frame to be much larger than that of ordinary mountain bikes.


● Folding ebike

20 inch Mechanical Disc Brake Folding Bike

20 inch Mechanical Disc Brake Folding Bike 250W - E1810

Folding electric bikes have the advantages of small size, convenient storage, and portability, which means that electric folding drive bikes are very popular among commuters in big cities. At the same time, electric folding bikes are also suitable for short trips, especially when storage space at both ends is scarce.


4 things to note about bikes

Although cycling is a healthy exercise, if you don't know the precautions in advance, it may be counterproductive.


● Choosing a bike that suits you

There are many types of bikes, and it is important to choose the right one, depending on your own needs. When buying a bicycle, consider your purpose. After determining which type of bicycle you should buy, you need to find the specific model you want to buy.


● Form the habit of checking before riding

Do the necessary safety inspections before riding the bike to check if the tires are inflated, the brakes are normal, the bell is ringing, the chain is intact, etc. Don't forget to perform the necessary maintenance when you are free.


● Good riding habits

Adjust the height of the seat according to your height. When riding a bicycle, maintain a correct sitting posture, sit upright with your hips during riding, look forward and keep your body upright. Avoid excessive body movements when riding.


● Form the habit of checking before riding

Do the necessary safety inspections before riding the bike to check if the tires are inflated, the brakes are normal, the bell is ringing, the chain is intact, etc. Don't forget to perform the necessary maintenance when you are free.


● Don't  be distracted while riding

Cycling on the road must follow the traffic rules, avoid excessive conversation, always pay attention to the road conditions, and pay attention to obstacles as much as possible.


● Riding reasonably

Arrange the riding distance reasonably. Long-distance riding for a long time or riding in bad weather is not recommended. Do not ride a bicycle in a place with a lot of cars, and avoid inhaling a lot of car exhaust.

Women Mountain Bike

Women Mountain Bike V Brake Bicycle - M1520



Cycling has begun to become a trendy lifestyle. Whether it is an ordinary bicycle or an electric bicycle, choose a suitable bicycle and start your healthy exercise.

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