A Brief Introduction to 5 Different Types of Bikes

In recent years, cycling has quietly emerged in cities as a low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and healthy form of exercise.


Many people will purchase an electric road bike for health benefits. Busy urbanites often take breaks to ride their favorite bikes with two or three family members, close friends, or join a group to release stress or exercise through speed and power.


However, with rapid advances in e-bike technology such as batteries and motors, electric aluminum bikes are now also one of the great alternatives to cars for their power, range, and affordability.


This article provides you with a brief overview of 5 different types of bikes commonly found in everyday life.


Mountain E-bike


Electric mountain bikes make more road and trail riding possible. Mountain e-bikes enhance your pedaling power while increasing your enjoyment on the trails.


The battery is located low in the center of the electric mountain bike frame, making it easy to remove and providing a good balance to the bike.

The more reliable motor, long-lasting battery, and intuitive controls of this type of mountain electric bike make the bike one of the perfect riding options.

electric mountain bike

Full Suspension Mountain eBike 27.5 inch 500w - E1832


City E-Bike


Noise pollution has always been one of the most seriously polluting city air. Therefore, the effective use of city commuter e-bikes to reduce this noise pollution is good for the city, better for the road, and one of the worthy lifestyles to promote.


Whether you're looking for an alternative to public transportation or just want to get out and clear your head on the weekends, one of the best options for exploring towns and their surroundings during leisure time is an electric city bike.

electric city bike

36V 200W Shimano Inter-3 Speeds Ebike - E1516



Fat Cruiser E-Bike


Fat cruiser electric bike with strong climbing performance. Thick tires of electric fat bikes provide excellent grip and mechanical stability.

The weight of the battery and motor of the fat tire e-bike is distributed throughout the frame rather than keeping it high in the rear, giving people the opportunity to experience the performance, ease, and excitement of an electric beach fat tire bike.

fat tire e-bike

Electric Beach Bicycle Rear Drive - E1814


Folding E-Bike


The folding joints of the electric folding bikes are low and don't take up extra space, which facilitates portable travel.


Compared to some other folding bike models, the deep frame is very approachable, while it can be felt as stable and sturdy, and easier for riders to straddle.

folding electric bike

20 inch V-Brake Folding Bike Front Drive Ebike - E1612


Sharing Bike


Bike-sharing is not only a trend but offers a very important alternative in our modern society! Shared e-bikes are an attractive alternative to traditional bicycles, offering an environmentally friendly, fun, efficient, and convenient way to get around.

electric sharing bike

24 inch public Electric Single Speed Bike - E1703


The Benefits of Cycling? How Much Do You Know? Owning a bike is the start of better exercise for you. You may be able to commute to work sometimes or all the time with an electric bike. Even if you only use an e-bike a few days a week in place of your vehicle, there's no doubt you're contributing to the environment and saving you a lot of money at the same time.




As more and more e-bikes, e-scooters, and other vehicles begin to appear in cities, there are more and more types of bikes to choose the right one for you to start your riding experience.


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