Find the Best Electric Mountain Bikes (eMTB) in 2022

Find out what the best electric mountain bikes are to give you extra power and performance. You'll be able to conquer the mountains.


Mountain biking is fun. Go to the next level with an electric mountain bike (eMTB). You'll be able to ride further, longer, and have an exhilarating ride. Feel the power and performance of an electric mountain bike while you're taking on the trails.


Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike – B1911

Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike

The aluminum electric mountain bike is one of the best electric mountain bikes at Saneagle. It is a long-travel aluminum e-MTB with 36Vx10.4Ah lithium and a lightweight 36Vx250W hub motor. The aluminum electric mountain bike also has a top-notch SHIMANO 21 speeds derailleur and shifters.


It has 26 inch aluminum frame and a suspension fork with plenty of adjustabilities. Plus, the high-end suspension, excellent battery, strong and lightweight motor work together to ensure you're in control throughout the entire ride. You'll also ride easily up the climbs.


Mid Drive Motor 350w Electric Mountain Bike - E-1801A

Mid Drive Motor 350w Electric Mountain Bike

If you are looking for electric mountain bikes that cost less than $5,000 or are on a tight budget, the mid-drive motor 350w electric mountain bike is the best option.


It is a high-performance eMTB with a 27.5 inch aluminum frame and suspension. This kind of electric mountain bicycle has a SHIMANO 9 speeds derailleur, 350W drive unit powered by a 36Vx10.4Ah lithium battery. The battery and motor are integrated into the bike, giving it a seamless look.


Men Electric Bicycle - E1902

Men electric bicycle blue

This kind of men electric mountain bicycle is the entry-level eMTB in the Saneagle mountain e-bike series. However, it's an excellent option, which can provide additional power during pedaling with powerful electric motors.


In addition, you can achieve many benefits through our high-performance mountain electric bicycles, allowing you to do more in one session to enjoy the thrills of eMTB without as much effort.


It has a 27.5" aluminum frame and a 48V x 500W mid-motor powered by a 48V 10.5Ah lithium battery. The torque sensor and hydraulic brake ensure you're able to take on any terrain.


27.5 inch Full Suspension Mountain eBike - E1832

27.5 inch Full Suspension Mountain eBike

27.5 inch full Suspension mountain ebike is an incredible all-around electric mountain bike. It is lightweight thanks to the aluminum alloy frame, which is easy to carry and ride.


It also has a 48V 11.6Ah battery, a powerful rear-drive motor, and a SHIMANO 24 speeds derailleur. The motor rated power is 500W, and the hydraulic disc brake responds quickly to keep you in control regardless of the terrain.


Saneagle electric mountain bikes are perfect for those cyclists who want to explore different terrains and distances but need a little extra help every now and then. 


250W Hydraulic Disc Brake Electric Bicycle - E1844

250W Hydraulic Disc Brake Electric Bicycle

This black electric mountain bicycle is comfortable and high-performing. It equips a rear-drive motor and a power battery to create an easy-to-control eMTB for you!


It's an excellent electric mountain bike with a suspension front fork and a high-quality hydraulic disc brake. And the aluminum alloy frame allows you to ride further, faster, and take on aggressive trails.


Along with the top-notch SHIMANO Altus 8 speeds derailleur, a very nice drivetrain for a hybrid city bike, it is mid-level in the Shimano groupset and offers Shadow Plus clutch engagement for reduced chain slap on rough terrain or high speeds.


28 inch 350W Mountain Electric Bicycle – E1623

28 inch 350W Mountain Electric Bicycle

This mountain electric bicycle is almost at the top of our electric mountain bike collection, which is specialized in design to withstand difficult trails and harsh weather.


It has a wide range of trends and uses, which is not easy to be affected by the environment after use. Even in some special occasions, the electric bicycle can still work.


Overall, it's a capable, high-performing, and stable electric mountain bicycle. It's pricey, but it's completely worth it if you have the money.


28 inch Shimano 8 Speeds Ebike 36V 350W - E1702

28 inch Shimano 8 Speeds Ebike

28 inch SHIMANO 8 speeds ebike can provide smooth and comfortable riding. The battery is seamlessly integrated into the lightweight aluminum alloy frame, making it excellent resistant to bad weather. It'll help up any steep climb with its smooth pedal assistance.


This bike's mechanical disc brakes offer smooth, powerful stopping performance. The 180 / 160 mm rotors and integrated motor inhibitors give you control over the drive system and mechanical systems of the bike.


The reinforced angled top tube delivers strength and stiffness for great handling off-road but lowers the stand-over height, making the bike easier to handle when stopped. It gives you more balance and stability to ride in any terrain.



The electric mountain bikes mentioned above have different features and strengths. But the eMTB listed here are the best all-around options to perform well, have trail-smoothing suspension, and ensure you have a fun ride. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us at

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