Saneagle electric city bicycle ebike offers a smart, eco-friendly solution to the challenges of the weekly commute. At the same time, its understated matte black design will look at home when leaned up against your favorite laneway cafe on a Saturday.

Unlike other electric bikes, Saneagle electric city bicycle ebike focuses on simplicity. The controls are intentionally basic because what else do you really need other than power assistance level and battery charge indication? Saneagle electric city bicycle ebike can add any further details you might want to record about your urban ride.

Saneagle electric city bicycle ebike takes advantage of the latest in e-bike technology with a lithium-ion 36V battery. Combined with the brushless motor, you can enjoy impressive acceleration. You can dial in the level that your pedaling efforts are amplified, and so those hills you least look forward to will soon become your favorites. When others are stuck in traffic or trying to find a park, you’ll be rolling in without breaking a sweat.

Saneagle electric city bicycle ebike can move fast with thin hybrid style tires with a smooth tread which also has the sensible grip to provide the assured ride you need on slippery inner-city surfaces. The electric city bicycle ebike also has a horn and LED light that offers brilliant path illumination to complete the journey further.

Say no to traffic congestion, reduce your carbon footprint, and spend your money on more exciting things than petrol or public transport fares, with Saneagle electric city bicycle ebike. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.​

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